Friday, October 29, 2010

Hmm. Im okay!

Hey yall! so i was right, today i worked with Aundrinia and she deffienitly changed my whole mood! i had a blast working with her!  she is honestly so amazing!  like, she makes you think twice about what you say and how you react. also she points out the things you have in life and always brings god up, and how he can help and so on. its really motivating! and me, her and this other girl jada are all going to start working out together and start running in the morning.... but now that i think of it, she did tracka nd was really good, ao i might not be able to stay running with them, oh well ill just try my bestest! haha

well. yea im very happy at the moment. and tomorrow im supposed to go shopping with "Niomi"... this guy who i guess likes me... ehh im not so sure about this but he wants to take me to tysons mall and shop? loll this whole situation is weird but ehh i dont know. i really want some uggs. :D

but i dont wanna get down to Monicas level. geez, this is just not what i do.... well i have to make a decision by tomorrow if i go shopping or not.

ok, well.... goodbye bloggers! if anyone is even reading my stuff hahaha and also, whats the blood type diet?? i needa see what that is! ok ok, hahah ai get carried away to easily.

sweet dreams beautifuls... and handsomes? hahah

Pariis <3

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