Monday, October 25, 2010

New Blogger! :)

Hey my wonderful bloggers!

I am pretty sure no one will be reading my blog so I am just going to write whatever is on my mind right now. Ok, for one, know that im kinda dyslexic so if i spell something wrong or backwards, sorry! This blog is basically going to be my weight loss journey and my inspiration to lose weight. My goal is to write a blog every day saying what i ate, how i exercised and how i feel at the end of the day.

Hmm. i hope i stay with this to the end. Well. if theres anyone, ANYONE out there that is reading my blog and is trying to also loss weight or just interested, you should follow me or w.e. the correct term for bloggers are.


ok so ill give you the basic details about my weight-

current weight- 168 lbs
goal weight- 125 lbs

starting October 25, 2010

well thats about all for tonight! thanks for reading.

-Pariis <3

Some of my inspirations! Enjoy

Please comment and questions are welcome!

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