Friday, October 29, 2010

IDK whats wrong with me...

OK.... so im feeling kinda sad today, i just dont no why.
and its not that time of month either....
hmmmm.... im just not happy like i used to be a few days ago... i was so happy and on track with my life with no worries but now.... now im lost again.

its funny how long it it takes to find yourself and how fast you can lose yourself...

well. im lost.

i feel like im missing something, like i cant be happy for some reason. and i really try to be happy, i try to forget the little things that bother me and just focus on the good but i... i dont know... and i gained weight btw... 2 lbs to be exact.

i think if i run a little, my mind well clear up and i can think then. yes, thats what ill do. but i gotta go to work soon.  ahhhh! im going to start p90x too. i hate being fat, its torture!  and i have no clue what im doing for halloween, which is in 2 days, i dont have a costume, i dont have a plan.... wow..... i think im depressed??

and i was just facebook creeping some people and realized there are so many pretty skinny girls out there that i have nothing on them. like i dont make the cut. sheesh.... what the hell is wrong with me?!? i really need to stop being so emotional...

i dont wanna go run now.... gosh, why am i so damn lazy.... i keep lying to myself.

im going to be okay, i no i am. im so thankful for everything i have but i dont  appreciate anything. maybe today at work, ill get motivated by the girl i work with, Aundrinia. she is really an inspiration. she is so straightforward and religious. and she doesn't act  or fake, she is truly a genuine person. i really admire her. welll.... enough about that.

hope i get in  a better mood. also i think the song i was listening to made me feel all sad
One republic- Secrets

yea thats  probably it,
and i also wanted to start photography. its so pretty and colorful outside with the leaves falling. okay, well thats all for now.
Pariis <3

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