Monday, July 11, 2011

Im still alive, I promise :)

Hey yall, Just a quick update to let you know im alive. Haha, so i read a couple of your blogs but no time to comment, sorry :( But im glad most of you are doing good! and losing weight! Im so proud of you guys ^-^

Anyways, I, myself am doing okay too. Had some ups and downs but im just human. I am still somewhere around 148 lbs so ive been maintaining none the less.

My oldest sis left for AZ friday with my mom and little sister, and i miss em so much :( boo. But my dad gave me $150 to go grocery shopping for the rest of us since my mom isnt here to cook or anything, and i got lots of healthy foods. yummayyy!

Yea so Ive been dealing with school and life and stuff, still pretty busy. Trying to become a doctor isnt easy :(

haha Okay so ill catch up with  you guys later! Hope everyones doing well!


omfg. THIS

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